Our machine shop can handle just about anything.


Our welding shop can weld all types of metals.
Machine mantenance.
Machine repairs.
Machine Modification.
Component Manufacture.

Trailer manufacture.

Brugar engineering can manufacture a trailer to suit your needs and our trailers are built to handle the Hire industry which is the true test of just about any component.

Explosive storage container.


This box was made for explosives storage, it was made from 6mm Mild steel plate and welded with Low hydrogen flux core mig.
The welds all held together as expected, with the plate just blowing apart at the weakest place.
The box was an experiment only to gauge the nature of a true life explosion in storage. 2 Kilograms of high power gel used.
The next prototype will be modified to a cone shape to guide the explosion upwards

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs And Manufacture.


Yes no matter what size or length we can manufacture or repair your Hydraulics.
The pictured Cylinder has a scored spear which will be replaced.


General Motorcycle Repairs.

Pictured here is a brake lever repaired,it was from a classic BSA Motorcycle.