A very important part of the refurbishment stage is the finished product whether its painted, polished, powdercoated, machined, or a mix of all. The choice is yours!, soon to be comissioned is a computer program that can show your Mag Wheels painted, polished or whatever, simply by loading a photo into our computer.



We prefer that a complete set of Mag wheels be refurbished simply because the finished Mags make the others look really old.




This is process that can take a long time to decide. Colour choices are endless, all silvers including shadow chrome, clears etc. Our painted Mag wheels are of top quality we use a 2 pot mix, and is baked on in booth oven.


Polishing, a popular choice for just about any Mag wheel even chrome wheels can be polished after the chrome has been stripped but this does weaken chrome Mags a certain amount. If you would like yours polished just email a photo. Our polished Mags are of top quality. We recommend that they be cleared after polishing, or if you clean them regular and use a wax or a coating to keep Oxygen off the bare Aluminium they should stay premium for years.



Machined Mags all profiles, a good choice they look very smart and dont show scratches as much as polished Mags. Once again they need protection from Oxygen.